Hey, Don't give up!

I feel nothing right now. How my feeling up and down. the temperature become more hot and i don't know what to do. 
Now everybody seems like wants to go away. So i? feel disappointed. Trying to control everything but i couldn't do that. i can't. I standing alone with no feeling regrets me.

I feel lost but i know somehow it has a hope out there who are willing to help me. Allah..Please help me go through what I must faced it. 

Sometimes we need a help but that help actually couldn't help us and become more worse.
Sadly, I found that no one can help what I'm doing now. Its all on my feed. My decision.

For me, the grow up process it is to learn how life should be. How hard life it is but with ALLAH help our life become smoothly and easy. Awesome right? how ALLAH makes us feel better with only remember ALLAH our heart with full of problems become release step by step.

The point is no one couldn't motivate us. It is about our life so we must motivated our self. Everyone can give some advice and motivation but if ours self also didn't accept that motivation, how the motivation may affect? So, basically it all about our life. Make the self motivation. That is better.

No one can help us. Only OUR SELF can help. Believe me. Allah is never forget us. Don't give up and try get up before it is too late. Come on guys! Get up now and start to think what to do! Not just standing there and looking nothing. Free your mind and set the self motivation. 

All is well. (come from the 3 idiots hindustan movie)
May Allah bless us forever. 

p/s: the movie about student that have to faced many problems such as family, money, friends and more important is the educations system make students feel stress. A lot of morale story.
So if interested, watch it! You never bored.


The first time i meet her. Actually when i didn't know her. She like ti smiling to all student.
Okay maybe the first time meet is the first expectation.

Tomorrow will the busy day to me to meet the supervisor of my thesis. Hopefully it will be okay.
May Allah show me the way to finish the thesis.
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